Future Story Lab

Investigative Journalism and Media Innovations
( 2020-06-01 — 2021-11-30 )

The Future Story Lab is an innovative platform aiming to build the capacity of journalists and media makers, and to create a space for professional networking and collaboration for quality media production. This platform is set to provide learning and mentoring opportunities for media makers, in that way strengthening local investigative journalism. 



The idea of the Future Story Lab is built on the three main pillars: creating a platform for media and community engagement, integrating innovative tools and methods to strengthen investigative journalism, and launching a new media platform, that would be based on the principles of engaged journalism.


A platform for media and community engagement

Using online tools, organising local or international events, and providing mentoring to both aspiring and experienced media makers, the Future Story Lab provides prominent opportunities for professional development, networking, and collaboration with our experts and community members. 


Innovative tools for investigative journalism

The platform also gives access to innovative and interactive tools and methods – as part of this project, an interactive tool “Karstos pedos”, which can be literally translated as “hot feet”, was launched. The tool aims to raise transparency by collecting and publishing public declarations of politicians, high-ranking civil servants, showing their interests in businesses, as well as their ties with public money. Through a powerful graphic visualization tool Linkurious, “Karstos pedos” also demonstrates how national and EU funds are used.


Engaged journalism platform

The new media platform is under development as part of the Future Story Lab. This platform is being built on the principles of engaged journalism – interactive functionalities within the platform will invite the audience to take an active part in media making and agenda-setting. Every reader will have a chance to voice their opinion on news pieces, vote for topics that need to be investigated. They will also have access to use innovative tools for engagement, such as SecureDrop to share information secretly and securely. Media content production will be supported through the Local Investigative Journalism Fund and will be published on the platform.


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