PERSPECTIVES: The young Central-Eastern European Newsroom for multi-perspective multi-format stories

Investigative Journalism and Media Innovations
( 2023-04-01 — 2024-10-01 )

PERSPECTIVES brings together 7 partners to produce daily cross-border stories on social, political and cultural topics for youth in at least 8 languages (DE, PL, CZ, SK, HU, LT, UA and RU) in Goethe-Institute’s jádu magazine, Kultura Liberalna, Revue Prostor, Kapitál, Radio EPER 97.0, Nara and Bendra.LT and other media outlets in Eastern Europe. Formats of these stories can range from articles to videos and podcasts, targeting age group 18-30.

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PERSPECTIVES provides a scalable solution for polarized media landscapes as we witness them in Central-Eastern Europe – a region that is characterized by an insufficient youth media offer, where young audiences usually have the choice between escaping into soft news, full avoidance or switching to foreign English-language media. Our objectives are to:

– Create a showcase for delivering unbiased, impartial high-quality multi-perspective content for young people under the difficult media conditions of Central-Eastern Europe,

– Provide young people in Central-Eastern Europe with multi-perspective content on social, political and cultural topics of pan-European importance,

– Provide this content through young people’s preferred channels and respect their prevailing media consumption patterns in a multi-format approach, and

– Use the stories we produce to foster dialogue beyond their own bubbles and across countries, empowering young people to set their perspectives in a transnational and European context.

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