Media and Information Literacy

Media4Change is strengthening media and information literacy (MIL) of both civil society and media makers through providing learning opportunities, engaging educational tools, and implementing awareness raising campaigns.

Media Literacy For All

Empowering media users

We empower young media users through engaging peer-to-peer media and information literacy education. We believe in a philosophy that:

If you tell me – I will forget it.
If you show me and I will remember.
If you involve me and I will understand.

Therefore through our activities, we aim for involvement and active participation of media users themselves.

Contribution coverage map

Coming soon – an interactive map displaying the non-formal media literacy education activities in Lithuania is under construction.

We have more than 50 youth leaders working with their peers across the country, and teaching them the basics of media and information literacy.

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I Was Told...

"I was told" is a program fostering critical thinking among youth. In a simple and fun way we encourage young people to ask ‘Why?’ instead of relying on existing societal stereotypes. Created for youth, but suitable for everyone.

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Educational Materials

For media professionals
This educational package for media professionals defines media literacy methods and techniques for content creators.
For youth leaders
Spread the word about media and information literacy among your peers: learn the methods and techniques for MIL education.

What people are saying

 The program allowed me to replenish my knowledge baggage, provided me with article writing skills, taught me to critically process the information on social media, which is especially important in this digital era.
Smiltė Jonušaitė, Young Journalists program
 I am very happy to have agreed to be a peer educator because by learning it myself, I can help others understand what is unclear to them, whether it's concepts or something else.
Kristina Užgalytė, Peer Educator
 After these "I was told" trainings, I really feel that when I return to my environment, I can change something, do it, and inspire others to do it.
Peer educator

Training and Events

Search for events and training on ethical reporting, investigative journalism and media literacy. Find learning opportunities from all over the world.
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See the selection of handpicked courses and training materials, suitable for both aspiring and experienced journalists.
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