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Media4Change is an international movement that examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We monitor the portrayal of the most stigmatized groups in society and aim to make good global practices a source of inspiration for decision-makers and other members of the movement. We keep the issues of human rights, investigative journalism, and media literacy on our radar.

Rasma Pažemeckaitė: „I am proud to be Romani“

The Roma are talked about in the media, but their voices are nowhere to be heard – 91.1% of publications about the Roma community do not feature a Roma voice. Rasma Pažemeckaitė, an active member of the Roma community, says that people are reluctant to speak – they are worried about stereotypes and stigmatization. Rasma says she used to be ashamed to admit that she is a Roma, but now she is proud of her roots and believes that only cooperation will break down the walls of mistrust in society.

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First success of the Local Investigative Journalism Competition 2021

Local Investigative Journalism Competition 2021 is moving to its next phase! Media4Change and European Dialogue are delighted to see that a large number of journalists have shown interest in the Competition.

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The faces of racism in Lithuanian media: between the voiceless, the mistified and the “Other”

Racism is barely talked about in Lithuania, even though, according to surveys, Roma people have been the most unwelcomed by Lithuanians for the last 16 years. Additionally, Lithuanians do not have a chance to get to know them – 9 out of 10 publications about Roma did not feature a voice of a Roma person. Media4change’s media monitoring shows that Roma representation is both the smallest and the most negative out of all groups.

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Media literacy education online: let’s meet youth, where they are

As we stick to social distancing measures, distance learning has become a new norm, bringing online learning opportunities as important as ever. With high schoolers and their teachers, university students and their professors taking it all online, we have gone through the adaptation process, now looking for ways to make online learning more effective, interactive, and engaging. As in every crisis, we saw that there lies an opportunity too, in both formal but non-formal education.

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Investigative Journalism Competition starts today: 32.000 EUR to fund local investigative journalism

Have you ever wanted to dive deep into investigative journalism and bring a story that needs deeper analysis to light but never had a proper chance or needed competences to take the first step? We give you the opportunity to do exactly that – Media4Change and European dialogue is launching Investigative Journalism Competition to fund collaborative journalistic investigations. Collaborative teams made of journalists, whose curiosity and attention reaches further than major cities in Lithuania or Slovakia, will share up to EUR 16.000 in each country to implement their investigations.

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