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Media4Change is an international movement that examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We monitor the portrayal of the most stigmatized groups in society and aim to make good global practices a source of inspiration for decision-makers and other members of the movement. We keep the issues of human rights, investigative journalism, and media literacy on our radar.

2020: A Year in Review | Media4Change

2020 was a challenging year, but despite the difficulties of this year we continued achieving the highest standard in journalism, monitoring representation of vulnerable groups and building media and information literacy skills.

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Future Story Lab is progressing to support local investigative journalism

The creation of the Future Story Lab, an innovative platform aiming to build the capacity of journalists and media makers, and to create a space for professional networking and collaboration for quality media production, is progressing.

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About ‘Hot Feet’ database on Medium

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) team writes about our database ‘Hot Feet’, that connects politically exposed persons with government spending.

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About Us

Media4Change Coordination Center is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Our full-time professionals are assisted by multinational initiative group of journalists, editors, media and human rights experts.
Core Team
Neringa Jurčiukonytė
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Invisibility Cloak
Rūta Beinoriūtė
Project Coordinator
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Travel in time
Giedrė Skairytė
Media monitoring specialist
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Žygimantas Mitkus
Project developer
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Šarūnas Černiauskas
Investigative journalist, founder of Investigative journalism centre "Siena"
Rasma Pažemeckaitė
Representative of the Roma Community
Mike Jempson
Director of „The MediaWise trust“, journalist
Aidan White
The founder of the Ethical Journalism Network, journalist
Aleksandras Dobryninas
Audronė Nugaraitė
Media expert
Martin Maska
Creative Manager at the European Dialogue
Inga Spriņģe
Rytas Staselis

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