Collaborative & Engaging Critical Thinking Lab

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( 2022-01-01 — 2024-03-31 )

“Collaborative & Engaging Critical Thinking Lab” will strengthen human rights-respecting public discourse through the first platform for engaged journalism in Lithuania, uniting all stakeholders (human rights experts, journalists and the members of the most stigmatised groups) in a virtual community. The result – over 40 engaging multimedia stories about human rights, which will be disseminated through the mainstream media.



With the intensification of negative public discourse on human rights, it is necessary to develop critical thinking skills, resistance to disinformation and incitement to hatred among the undecided part of society. As this group’s indecision is affected by geographical disparities, lack of trust & low engagement in mainstream media, limited opportunities to hear stigmatised groups in public spaces.


The project will use “Newsroom on Wheels”, “Human Library” method and a social campaign to spread stories, listen to target groups & build trusting relationships. The impact of the campaign will be reinforced by peer2peer education.


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