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Media4Change is an international program aimed at changing the media image of socially vulnerable groups. We believe that media is a powerful tool to protect the public interest. We keep the issues of human rights, equality and diversity on our radar.

We strengthen investigative journalism and innovations, and carefully observe the (un)reality often created by different media.
We've been running an education program for aspiring journalists since 2009, supporting and empowering them to use fair journalism methodologies.
We keep increasing the rates of Media and Information Literacy among young social influencers, empowering them to educate others about the media and its impact.


Our Coordination Centre is based in Lithuania. There are 6 full-time professionals, assisted by the initiative group of journalists, editors, media and human rights experts.
Neringa Jurčiukonytė
CEO, Media4Change
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Invisibility Cloak
Aurelija Babinskienė
Bendra.lt editor
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Time Travel
Ramunė Vilkoitytė
Media literacy campaign coordinator
Banguolė Žalnieriūnaitė
Media monitoring specialist
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Meet our community: nearly 290 journalists, human rights experts, and representatives of socially vulnerable groups: all united by the common goal of making a fair and ethical journalism a norm, not an exception. Sounds like you? Join us!