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Media4Change is an international movement that examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We monitor the portrayal of the most stigmatized groups in society and aim to make good global practices a source of inspiration for decision-makers and other members of the movement. We keep the issues of human rights, investigative journalism, and media literacy on our radar.

Journalism Next Door:

Let’s empower journalism of the future!

Training for Media Changers
May 12-14th Trnava, Slovakia

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Be one of the real media changemakers representing your country

Will you be the one of those whose ideas will make the media more resilient and trustworthy? Share your suggestions and join a team that will generate ideas how to move the media forward. Apply to the “Mediastorm” till 19th of September and be prepared to apply your skills, knowledge and witness how your ideas grow and bring social change.

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“Moving Journalism Forward”: call for Young Journalists to International Journalism Laboratory

Are you studying or already taking your first steps in journalism? Or maybe you are still in your final year of school, but you have talent and want to learn how to ethically spread the message out to the world in an innovative way?

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NEW DATES. Spark to Journalism: Engaged Journalism Workshop

Is your newsroom exploring how to increase trust with the audience? Have you been implementing engaged journalism and would like to share the challenges you face and find solutions for it? Have you been looking for new ideas on how to connect with communities around you?

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State Data Protection Inspectorate (SDPI) must not obstruct journalistic activity in Lithuania

Today, the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) and partner organisations have written to Director Raimondas Andrijauskas and Deputy Director Danguolė Morkūnienė of the Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate (SDPI)’s to express concern at their attempted obstruction of investigative project “Karštos Pėdos” (“Hot Feet”)’s journalistic activity.

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Our Efficiency Indicators

Community members

With the goal of collaboration, the Media4Change community unites 290 people from all around the world - journalists, experts, group representatives - who specialize in different fields, such as human rights, investigative journalism and diversity.

Analyzed media

Over the past 3 years, our media monitoring team has analyzed more than 100,000 media items about various stigmatised groups in Lithuanian media.

Training participants

We have organized 47 training sessions, in which practicing and future journalists, as well as peer-to-peer educators have developed and improved their competencies.

Public procurement contracts in the database "Karstos pedos"

The public database, initiated by Media4Change and Siena journalistic centre, includes 1500 declarations of interest from politicians and high-ranking government officials, 200,000 public procurement contracts and 22,800 EU-funded projects.

Investigations inspired

We organised Lithuania’s first investigative journalism competition in 2014, with the goal of strengthening investigative journalism in the country. Since then, we have organized 4 competitions that have inspired 24 journalistic investigations.

About Us

Media4Change Coordination Center is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Our full-time professionals are assisted by multinational initiative group of journalists, editors, media and human rights experts.
Core Team
Ernesta Mažeikaitė
Community manager
Neringa Jurčiukonytė
CEO, Media4Change
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Invisibility Cloak
Banguolė Žalnieriūnaitė
Media monitoring specialist
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Mind reading
Gabija Kučinskaitė
Project coordinator
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Ramunė Vilkoitytė
Media literacy campaign coordinator
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Ieva Modgabytė
Media literacy training coordinator
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Audronė Nugaraitė
Media expert
Aidan White
The founder of the Ethical Journalism Network, journalist
Inga Spriņģe
Rytas Staselis
Investigative Journalism Expert
Šarūnas Černiauskas
Investigative journalist, founder of Investigative journalism centre "Siena"
Mike Jempson
Director of „The MediaWise trust“, journalist
Martin Maška
Creative Manager at the European Dialogue
Denisa Karabová
Chairwoman of the European Dialogue
Boris Kolman
Project Assistant at the European Dialogue

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