Media monitoring

We monitor and analyse the way the most stigmatised groups in Lithuania are portrayed in the media. We present the collected data to the public, exposing media representation tendencies and report human rights violations to the responsible institutions.

Be informed

Explore reports
Every month we publish media monitoring reports. Here, you can explore the results and see how the most stigmatized groups in society are portrayed in the Lithuanian media.
Monitoring the media, we respond quickly to arising ethical issues in the public discourse and inappropriate journalistic content.
Consultations of Editorials
We consult regional media newsrooms, by presenting their trends of reporting and representation. Organized meetings allow editorials to get an outside perspective on their work.

Watch and report

Media4Change is inviting volunteers, passionate about human rights, to join and monitor Lithuanian media together.
Be a responsible and mindful media user. Have you noticed inappropriate representation of vulnerable groups, or discriminatory content?


We monitor and award the best – since 2019, we give out awards, based on the results of our media monitoring. Throughout the year, our analysts monitor media content about the most stigmatised social groups. “Black Mirrors” are awarded to those that have been the most ethical, in terms of inclusion of vulnerable groups’ voices.

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See the selection of handpicked courses and training materials, suitable for both aspiring and experienced journalists.
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Don't hesitate to contact if you have questions related to ethical reporting. We'll do our best to connect you with a knowledgeable expert.