From words to action

Since the beginning of Media4change program in 2011 we have implemented more than 10 different projects in the area of media and human rights. Our good practises and recommendations have reached a wide audience, that includes community members: aspiring journalists and experienced media professionals, human rights and media experts, representatives of social vulnerable groups, as well as international project participants. Within our projects we strengthen investigative journalism, support ethical reporting and build media and information literacy skills.

Community members

With the goal of collaboration, the Media4Change community unites 290 people from all around the world - journalists, experts, group representatives - who specialize in different fields, such as human rights, investigative journalism and diversity.

Analyzed media

Over the past 3 years, our media monitoring team has analyzed more than 100,000 media items about various stigmatised groups in Lithuanian media.

Training participants

We have organized 47 training sessions, in which practicing and future journalists, as well as peer-to-peer educators have developed and improved their competencies.

Public procurement contracts in the database "Karstos Pedos"

The public database, initiated by Media4Change and Siena journalistic centre, includes 1500 declarations of interest from politicians and high-ranking government officials, 200,000 public procurement contracts and 22,800 EU-funded projects.

Investigations inspired

We organised Lithuania’s first investigative journalism competition in 2014, with the goal of strengthening investigative journalism in the country. Since then, we have organized 4 competitions that have inspired 24 journalistic investigations.

Published methodologies

We develop methodologies for ethical representation, reactions to violations of portrayal of stigmatized groups in the media, and guidelines that respond to the ethical dilemmas of journalists.

Active Projects