Media4change calls all journalists to carry out journalistic investigations on human rights and diversity topics. We enjoy contributions from the internal and external experts in the field of Human Rights, Journalism and Research Centres and authentic sources from different vulnerable groups.

Join us now If you:

  • Have competencies to make journalistic investigatives
  • Wish to work with colleagues from all Europe.
  • Need real stories from real people
  • Are lack of tools for journalistic investigation.

We are currently uniting such journalists as Šarūnas Černiauskas, Mike Jempson, Rytas Staselis, Aidan White, Inga Springe

Inga Spriņģe
Aidan White
The founder of the Ethical Journalism Network, journalist
Rytas Staselis
Investigative Journalism Expert
Šarūnas Černiauskas
Investigative journalist, founder of Investigative journalism centre "Siena"
Dovydas Pancerovas
Investigative journalist
Mike Jempson
Director of „The MediaWise trust“, journalist


Media4change calls human rights and diversity experts to join our community. Our goal is to unite experts, journalists and representatives of vulnerable groups to carry out journalistic investigations.

Join us now If you:

  • Wish to draw society’s attention to a problem from your field.
  • Believe that media is a powerful tool to make a change.
  • Are able to help journalists to find out the truth.

We are currently uniting such human rights experts as Dainius Pūras, Aleksandras Dobryninas, ethical media experts Audronė Nugaraitė, Džina Donauskaite.

Rytas Staselis
Investigative Journalism Expert
Audronė Nugaraitė
Media expert
Rugilė Trumpytė
Public policy, transparency, anti-corruption expert
Eglė Šumskienė
Expert on disability, mental health and human rights issues
Aušra Simoniukštytė
Anthropologist, Roma culture expert
Aleksandras Dobryninas

Group representatives

Media4change encourages members of society to have their say. If you face a problem, do not keep silent. Work with our experts and journalists team and uncover the truth.

Join us now If you:

  • wish to have your say on human rights or diversity topics.
  • are looking a safe way to uncover the truth.
  • participate in a community which fight for change.
Rasma Pažemeckaitė
Representative of the Roma Community
Viktor Topol
Representative, Human rights activist
Amit Goldman
Litvak, Representative of Lithuanian Jew community
Inga Filipovič