Investigative Journalism

Media4Change is looking for talents in the area of investigative journalism. Want to be in the spotlight? Propose your topic and receive a grant for your investigation.

Why are we doing this?
We want to strengthen investigative journalism in Lithuania, therefore we have been organizing Investigative Journalism Competitions since 2014, aiming to support journalistic investigations on a non-profit basis.
Who can participate?
We invite professionals, young journalists, or anyone interested and capable of carrying out a journalistic investigation to apply.
The competition consists of two stages. First, candidates are asked to prepare a plan of an investigation which is evaluated by a commission. The best plan is awarded a scholarship. Later participants are conducting their investigations and reports. The author of the best investigation receives a grant prize.


 It is very important to talk about human rights, and the media should be at the forefront, raising this question. To me, as a journalist, it is very important to take my part and speak about human rights and other things that the public needs to know.
Lukrecijus Tubys
 It was an awesome experience to get to write something better and more meaningful than I have done before.
Juta Liutkevičiūtė
 This contest gives you a lot of experience in information search, work with collected data, which is the basis of journalism.
Liucija Zubrutė