Investigative Journalism Competition 2014

In 2014, Media4Change invited journalists to bring issues of corruption and human rights to light that often still lack attention in the society and the media.


Participants, interested in producing quality journalism, conducted investigations focusing on corruption and human rights starting in September and finalising in January. The evaluation of these works and the process of the contest was carried out by the commission. The commission was made of 10 area experts, including professional journalists, media, corruption, and human rights experts. Participants attended various workshops and prepared their investigations plans, consulting with specialists, and commission members (mentors).

At the last stage of the competition, 10 finalists were chosen, whose topics and problems addressed were chosen as the most relevant and valuable. There were many written pieces to be evaluated in the hands of commission members, that showed the potential and talent of candidates as future investigative journalists. It was decided to award 4 authors with scholarships, acknowledging their effort and results achieved as the best in meeting the contest criteria.


Lukrecijus Tubys
Laureate in the human rights category. Worked together with a team: Juta Liutkevičiutė, Marius Jokubaitis.
Saulė Pinkevičienė
Laureate in human rights category
Liucija Zubrutė
Laureate in corruption category
Tadas Širvinskas
Laureate in corruption category
Juta Liutkevičiūtė
Laureate (team investigation)
Marius Jokubaitis
Laureate (team investigation)

The Commission

Rytas Staselis
Investigative Journalism Expert
Audronė Nugaraitė
Media expert
Aleksandras Dobryninas
Rugilė Trumpytė
Public policy, transparency, anti-corruption expert
Šarūnas Černiauskas
Investigative journalist, founder of Investigative journalism centre "Siena"
Dovydas Pancerovas
Investigative journalist
Džina Donauskaitė
Director of the Lithuanian Journalist Center
Skirmantas Malinauskas
Valentina Čeplevičiūtė
Journalist, Consultant of Former President of Lithuania
Vaidotas Beniušis
Editor in Chief at BNS Lithuania.