Investigative journalism competition 2021

Investigative journalism competition is back! In 2021 Media4Change is launching another competition to support local collaborative investigative journalism in Lithuania. Collaborative teams made of journalists, whose curiosity and attention reaches further than major cities in Lithuania, will share EUR 16 000 to implement their investigations.


Through this competition, participants will have a chance to strengthen their investigative journalism talent with the help of experienced journalists of this field as well as a wide network of international experts. This is a great opportunity to not only find like-minded people to collaborate with and discover new topics, but also learn how to draft research methods, and most importantly implement an investigation that will leave a mark in the history of Lithuanian investigative journalism. Through this experience, you will build your competencies mastering innovative investigative journalism tools and together with your partners you will bring the light to places, where it’s needed the most – the regions of Lithuania. Participating teams will receive support and mentoring, and be invited to submit full investigation proposals.

Three (3) teams with the best proposals will receive a grant of up to EUR 4.000 for the implementation of their investigation. Journalists will use interactive tools to present their investigative work and connect with their audiences. Teams that will not have been awarded a grant will be invited to work on their investigations as well and aim at having the best results with an incentive prize of EUR 4.000 awarded in July 2021.


Adam Zavřel
Andrius Švitra
Aurelija Babinskienė
Daiva Bartkienė
Daiva Repečkaitė
Elena Reimerytė
Irma Bogdanovičiūtė
Július Buday
Karol Pašnikovič
Karolina Stažytė
Kristina Kučinskaitė
Lenka Haniková
Lucia Gavenčiaková
Mantvydas Prekevičius
Marco Németh
Michal Frank
Miglė Krancevičiūtė
Miroslava Mudičková
Miroslav Volček
Radoslav Marek
Tereza Vahančíková
Tibor Šuľa
Vaida Blažytė
Vaida Pilibaitytė

The Commission

Rytas Staselis
Investigative Journalism Expert
Rugilė Trumpytė
Public policy, transparency, anti-corruption expert
Šarūnas Černiauskas
Investigative journalist, founder of Investigative journalism centre "Siena"
Rūta Juknevičiūtė
Journalist at LRT's Investigative Unit
Edgaras Savickas
Journalist, DELFI
Skirmantas Malinauskas
Audronė Nugaraitė
Media expert
Aleksandras Dobryninas
Neringa Jurčiukonytė
CEO, Media4Change
Donatas Puslys
Head of Media and Democracy program at Vilnius Institute of Policy Analysis
Martin Maška
Creative Manager at the European Dialogue
Tomáš Mrva
doc. Ján Višňovský
Expert on media and journalism
doc. Ján Hacek
Expert on media and journalism
doc. Anna Sámelová
Expert on media and journalism
doc. Jitka Rožňová
Expert on media and journalism
doc. Juraj Rusnák
Expert on media and journalism
PhDr. Marián Gladiš, PhD.
Expert on media and journalism
Mgr. Viera Smoláková, PhD.
Expert on media and journalism
PhDr. Vladimíra Hladíková, PhD.
Expert on media and journalism
Mgr. Simona Mičová, PhD.
Expert on media and journalism
JUDr. PhDr. Martin Solík, PhD.
Expert on media and journalism
Mgr. Alena Krempaská
Expert on human rights
Peter Medveď
Expert on environmental topics
Melinda Simonová
Expert on the topic of active citizenship
RNDr. Oľga Removčíková
Expert on environmental topics
Miroslava Plassmann
Expert on environmental topics
Jiří Vitáloš
Expert on environmental topics

Final investigations

Lithuania – where ‘biodiversity funding’ is cutting down trees

Authors: Daiva Repečkaitė, Vaida Pilibaitytė and Elena Reimerytė. The final investigation has been published on as well as on Lithuanian outlet of responsible journalism The findings of the investigation also were shared on two separate editions on the national broadcaster LRT one of which is the episode of documentary show Spalvos.

Re-closure of the municipal waste disposal site in Veterná Poruba is not in sight

Authors: Mgr. Tibor Šuľa (, PhDr. Miroslav Volček (freelance journalist), Mgr. Miroslava Mudičková (freelance journalist) The final investigation has been published on Other findings, including overview of the media coverage of the topic and various relevant documents have been published on a dedicated website.

2 million euros for the construction of a new sports hall and conflict with activists

The full title of this investigation is “The handball club in Dunajská Streda received 2 million euros for the construction of a new sports hall. However, the city came into conflict with activists”. Authors: Marco Németh (freelance journalist), Adam Zavřel (, TV JOJ) The final investigation has been published on

CCTV systems in public space and human rights: Where are you going, Slovakia?

Authors: Tereza Vahančíková, Lucia Gavenčiaková (freelance journalists) This investigation has been published on

Impact of the use of synthetic fertilizers on groundwater

Authors: Július Buday (TV Bratislava), Michal Frank (the Korzár daily) Report on YouTube (TV Bratislava) Report on, it was also pulished in the print version of the Korzár daily Podcast about the investigation and team-work

Contamination of the Ružín water reservoir with heavy metals

Authors: Lenka Haniková (Korzár daily), Radoslav Marek (freelance journalist) The series of 4 reports has been published on online portal of the Korzár daily: Report 1 Report 2 Report 3 Report 4