We monitor and award the best – since 2019, we give “Black Mirror” awards, based on the results of our media monitoring. Throughout the year, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, our analysts monitor media content about the most stigmatised social groups. 


We assess media content on topics such as mental health, sexual orientation, migration, religious and ethnic minorities. “Black Mirrors” are awarded to those that have been the most ethical in their reporting and inclusion of vulnerable groups’ voices.


The indices of media monitoring give us a look into media tendencies and problems that exist within. “Black Mirror” is an opportunity for Lithuanian media institutions to look at a mirror and see what their practices on talking about such topics are, rethinking their role in the society.


Winners are awarded in five categories: television, radio, national press, regional media, and news portal. 


We announce winners as a “Television/Radio/National press/Regional media/News portal of all people.”



Winners of 2019

1. Television for all people “LRT”
2. Radio for all people “LRT”
3. Regional media for all people “Šiaulių kraštas”
4. News portal for all people “”
5. National press for all people “Lietuvos rytas”

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Media Awards


 Writing about the most stigmatised groups opens up new, unfamiliar world that you can show to your readers. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to do so.
Chief editor Raimundas Celencevičius
 On the one hand, it is obvious that we are just doing our job and therefore ethics should not even be questioned or assessed separately. Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to deliver the confirmation that we are moving in the right direction in our editorial office.
Journalist Živilė Kropaitė-Basiulė
 Ethical journalism is an ongoing process, in which it is important to work constantly in pursuing the highest standards.
„Šiaulių kraštas“ chief editor
Vladas Vertelis
 People with mental health problems remain unheard and unrepresented. Therefore it is really important to interview these people and tell their story. Media and journalists are the ones who can present the other side of the story – I hope that thanks to these awards more people will think that people in crisis are worth to be interviewed and represented in the media.
Representative of the society, artist Jolita Vaitkutė
 I can speak for the younger generation – we want to learn from mistakes and constantly improve. It is very important and this award gives us an obligation to strive for more.
„Lietuvos rytas“ chief editor assistant Greta Ališauskaitė