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Journalism Next Door:
Date: April 19 2023

Let’s empower journalism of the future! Training for Media Changers May 12-14th Trnava, Slovakia Read More
Be one of the real media changemakers representing your country
Date: September 13 2022 - September 19 2022

Will you be the one of those whose ideas will make the media more resilient and trustworthy? Share your suggestions and join a team that will generate ideas how to move the media forward. Apply to the “Mediastorm” till 19th of September and be prepared to apply your skills, knowledge and witness how your ideas grow and bring social change. Read More
NEW DATES. Spark to Journalism: Engaged Journalism Workshop
Date: August 22 2022

Is your newsroom exploring how to increase trust with the audience? Have you been implementing engaged journalism and would like to share the challenges you face and find solutions for it? Have you been looking for new ideas on how to connect with communities around you? Read More
Spark to Journalism: Engaged Journalism Workshop
Date: May 16 2022

Is your newsroom exploring how to increase trust with the audience? Have you been implementing engaged journalism and would like to share the challenges you face and find solutions for it? Have you been looking for new ideas on how to connect with communities around you? Read More
Mediathon postponed due to the Omicron variant
Date: January 20 2022

In light of the Omicron COVID-19 variant outbreak in Lithuania and in the region, the Mediathon, an international training for the journalists, is postponed to the end of March. The organizers’ main concern is to guarantee the health of all participants and ensure a high level of attendance of journalists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Latvia. Read More
Mediathon in Lithuania: Call for Participants
Date: December 07 2021 - April 03 2022

Are you looking for inspiration for 2022 investigations? Join Mediathlon training event in Lithuania which is an opportunity to celebrate investigative journalism, improve data analysis skills and expand your professional network. Read More
Mediathon: call for participants
Date: September 29 2021 - October 29 2021

Mediathon - an opportunity to acquire and exchange know-how in investigative journalism. Read More
Future Stories Award 2021
Date: July 19 2021

A brand new award has been launched to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the professional investigative journalism, those that have just revealed something new and unnoticed or already shook things up. Read More
Media4Change’s creative workshops – investigative journalism incubator
Date: April 30 2021

Participants of the Media4Change’s Investigative journalism competition from Lithuania and Slovakia spent 36 hours per week on understanding the principles of investigative journalism, exploring various important topics in their fields of interest, deepening analytical skills and networking with like-minded people. A workshop week full of inspiring and creative online workshops and discussions was the final element of the second stage of the Investigative journalism competition. During the sessions 15 teams from Lithuania and 9 from Slovakia improved their investigations’ plans for the final evaluation. Read More
Investigative Journalism Competition 2021 – Round I
Date: February 24 2021 - March 23 2021

Media4Change and European dialogue is launching Investigative Journalism Competition to fund collaborative journalistic investigations. Read More
I WAS TOLD | Media Literacy Methodology for Peer Education
Date: January 14 2021

Spread the word about media and information literacy among your peers: learn the methods and techniques for MIL education. Read More
External: Webinar on Media Literacy in Europe: Baltic States
Date: December 09 2020

This webinar is one in a series of monthly webinars organised by the Media & Learning Association (MLA) and Nordicom. Read More
External: World Press Freedom Conference 2020
Date: December 09 2020

The World Press Freedom Conference 2020 Digital Edition will take place on 9 and 10 December. Read More
External: 24 Hours for the Future of Journalism
Date: November 15 2020

Global Constructive Journalism Conference. Read More
News Media Literacy Education for Media Professionals
Date: December 31 2019

This educational package for media professionals defines media literacy methods and techniques for content creators. Read More
An invitation to a Journalistic Exploration “Migration: telling a different story”
Date: January 04 2019 - June 04 2019

Media4Change is inviting journalists to a 2-day international round table to explore ways of enhancing coverage of migration issues across Europe, to coincide with the 17th San Sebastián Human Rights Film Festival in Spain. Travel and accommodation included. Read More
Voice4Migrants workshop for strategic planning
Date: December 21 2018 - December 21 2018

Media4change is always trying to find new innovative ways and different angles of the stories in order to give voice to the voiceless. We are constantly working on joint projects with editors, journalist and human rights experts to make our vision come to life. Read More
How journalists can do a better job covering polarizing subjects–in ways that people will actually hear
Date: July 16 2018

In a report for Solutions Journalism Network, journalist Amanda Ripley writes about how reporters can work new techniques into their journalism — ones that are better equipped to deal with the “kind of divide America is currently experiencing,” which researchers call ‘intractible conflict.’” What we need to do, Ripley argues, is “complicate the narrative,” telling more complex stories that […] Read More
Call for participants of the Reporting Corruption project
Date: February 03 2017

The European Youth Press as well as its Member Organisations and other partners focus on informing media makers about all levels of corruption and empowering them to tackle it effectively. For media makers, corruption is a key topic twofold: media is one of the main institutions in society responsible for detecting, deterring and reporting on corruption, while simultaneously being prone to and often affected by corruption. Young media makers and citizens are vital in changing society’s perceptions and tolerance of corruption. Read More
Date: July 05 2016

As an important source of information, media creates a certain perception of society. This perception can be quite narrow: one, which emphasizes the categories of who is the “Self” and who is the “Other”, therefore, laying the foundation for fear, tension, short-minded nationalism, hate and intolerance. On the other hand, the media may also construct […] Read More
[Call for participants] Reporting on the European Youth Event 2016
Date: February 22 2016

The European Youth Press invites up to 110 young journalists to report from the European Youth Event (EYE) in Strasbourg in the framework of the European Youth Media Days (EYMD) 2016. Read More
Bringing Home the World: International Reporting Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists
Date: November 11 2015

The International Journalists’ Network has shared a very good opportunity for minority journalists. The Bringing Home the World Fellowship helps U.S.-based minority journalists cover compelling yet under-reported international stories, increasing the diversity of voices in global news. The program helps level the playing field and redress the inequality minority journalists often face by giving them the opportunity […] Read More
Watchdogs Under Watch: Media In The Age Of Cyber Surveillance
Date: August 27 2015

The Center for International Media Assistance has released last April “Watchdogs Under Watch: Media in the Age of Cyber Surveillance”, by Don Podesta, CIMA’s manager and editor. Read More
Invitation to attend journalism training in Sicily, 13th-19th October
Date: August 12 2015

Will you stand for the highest standards in Journalism? If you believe that there is no place for racism, xenophobia or hatred in the media, take part in a training programme for young journalists in Catania, as a part of an international project “Reporting diversity: an ethical representation of migrants and minorities”. The deadline to apply is 4 September 2015. Read More
European Youth Media Days 2015 – Media Freedom in Europe and “Prix de l’EYP”: Call for Participants
Date: July 30 2015

European Youth Press launches Media freedom in Europe, European Youth Media Days 2015. Innovative, interactive and inspiring to promote dialogue, exchange, learning and networking in media. Read More
Six journalism opportunities to apply for in August
Date: July 23 2015

The International Journalists’ Network has published opportunities for journalists. Take a look and apply for them! Looking to expand your journalism toolkit, take on a new beat or receive recognition for your work? Check out these promising courses, fellowships and competitions with deadlines in August. Each is open to journalists worldwide. Read More
Fighting Radicalisation and Extremism Online
Date: June 22 2015

Media Diversity Institute spread UNESCO’s Framework of Action against hate speech and racism online. Knowledge and critical thinking are the main weapons to combat violent extremism. Read More
Opportunities for journalists
Date: June 15 2015

For young journalists who want to improve their skills and for those who want to get involved in contests and awards, the International Journalists’ Network provides a list of opportunities that can not be missed! Read More
Local News in a Digital Age
Date: May 18 2015

The Pew Research Center published a report in March 2015 analysing the way local news are consumed in three distinct metropolitan areas in the United States: Denver, Colorado; Macon, Georgia; and Sioux City, Iowa. One of the findings of the Pew reports is that minorities — African-Americans in Macon and Hispanics in metropolitan Denver — follow local news more intently than the white people do. The study also suggests that some populations are more engaged with their local news stream, and that this holds across a broader range of topics. Read More
Competition for journalists and creative workshop
Date: October 01 2014

NISI which initiated movement of Media4change organized a creative workshop for journalists participating in Media4change competition.Competitors are journalists who have to prepare a work of investigative journalism. Read More
Lithuanian experts shared their experience in trainings for journalists (video)
Date: July 28 2014

“These kind of trainings are extremely beneficial as they help to distinguish what you already know and find new aspects in your own journalistic work” – said one of the training participants Vida Grišmanauskienė of radio FM99. Vida, together with other 20 journalists from Vilnius and its surroundings, participated in the trainings / workshop themed Human rights in the media: ethical and legal aspects of representing societal groups. Participants of the trainings were greeted by a substantial number of experts from the fields of human rights, media and research, who were determined to seek answers and solutions to the issues arising in their daily work. Read More
Talk on human rights at the journalists’ trainings (VIDEO)
Date: July 14 2014

On 19-20 of June the journalists from Western Lithuania regions participated in trainings “Human Rights in Media: Ethical and Legal Aspects of Portraying Socially Vulnerable Groups” aimed at fostering advancement in issues concerning fighting hatred and assuming legal responsibility in written word, assess one’s skills according to the opinion of the experts and representatives of socially vulnerable groups. Read More
Journalists are welcome to join summer trainings
Date: June 12 2014

How to control the information from judiciary institutions? How to identify hate speech? How to react properly? Read More
Video from journalist training, Lithuania
Date: November 20 2013

International set of journalists participated in the journalist training on 10-13th of October 2013, held in Lithuania. The purpose of all professional journalists gathering together was to learn more about hate speech: the aim of the programme was to enable journalists to recognize hate provocation and stereotypes and to learn how adequately react to them […] Read More
Invitation to attend journalism training, Lithuania, 10-13 October 2013
Date: September 09 2013

Will you stand for the highest standards in Journalism? If you believe that there is no place for racism, xenophobia or hatred in the media, take part in a training programme for journalists in Lithuania, as a part of an international project ”Address of Human Rights – Journalism“. The deadline to apply is end of 1 November 2013. Read More
An invitation to Editors to share their concerns and experience
Date: September 03 2013

Across Europe populist and extremist movements are manipulating peoples’ fears and prejudices to build support for their divisive policies at a time of economic crisis. Inciting hatred against unpopular social groups is a classic strategy to gain visibility and garner votes, especially in times of economic crises. Read More

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