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April 14, 2016

Healing mental disorders with concrete

Lithuania is committed to reducing the number of adults with disabilities placed in social care by 40% before 2020, and the number of children in such arrangements should decrease by 60%. Yet data show that structural investment from the European Union, vital for this process, got channeled into creating slightly more comfortable environments rather than alternative arrangements.

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March 11, 2019

As Europe tightens its borders, media’s role on migration coverage becomes crucial

Words matter. Especially when they come from the media. But how positive or negative is media coverage about migration and how does this coverage affect the perceptions in society?

According to World Migration report 2018, published by the International Organization for Migration, much of the research evidence shows that media associates migrants with negative news and often casts migration as a ‘law and order or security issue. At the same time, media coverage also separates migrants from the ‘host’ population by the use of dehumanizing language, using metaphors that refer to war and natural disasters (for example,  ‘invasions’ and ‘floods’) or portraying them as ‘victims of an unfair system’.

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July 16, 2018

How journalists can do a better job covering polarizing subjects–in ways that people will actually hear

In a report for Solutions Journalism Network, journalist Amanda Ripley writes about how reporters can work new techniques into their journalism — ones that are better equipped to deal with the “kind of divide America is currently experiencing,” which researchers call ‘intractible conflict.’”

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