Investigative journalism competition 2021

Investigative journalism competition is back! In 2021 Media4Change is launching another competition to support local collaborative investigative journalism in Lithuania. Collaborative teams made of journalists, whose curiosity and attention reaches further than major cities in Lithuania, will share EUR 16 000 to implement their investigations.

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Through this competition, participants will have a chance to strengthen their investigative journalism talent with the help of experienced journalists of this field as well as a wide network of international experts. This is a great opportunity to not only find like-minded people to collaborate with and discover new topics, but also learn how to draft research methods, and most importantly implement an investigation that will leave a mark in the history of Lithuanian investigative journalism. Through this experience, you will build your competencies mastering innovative investigative journalism tools and together with your partners you will bring the light to places, where it’s needed the most – the regions of Lithuania. Participating teams will receive support and mentoring, and be invited to submit full investigation proposals.

Three (3) teams with the best proposals will receive a grant of up to EUR 4.000 for the implementation of their investigation. Journalists will use interactive tools to present their investigative work and connect with their audiences. Teams that will not have been awarded a grant will be invited to work on their investigations as well and aim at having the best results with an incentive prize of EUR 4.000 awarded in July 2021.


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