Investigative Journalism Manuals


Check It Out!: Great Reporters on What It Takes to Tell the Story

Stories with no substance. Talking heads without a clue. “Team” coverage that still misses the big picture. Overheated hype. Cute chatter.

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Story-Based Inquiry: A manual for investigative journalists

This guide to investigative reporting, co-authored by Mark Hunter, Drew Sullivan, Pia Thosden, Rana Sabbagh and Luuk Sengers and UNESCO-funded, uses case studies to illustrate methods and skills, including research, writing, quality control, and dissemination.

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The Global Investigative Journalism Casebook

This casebook includes investigative articles with background on how the reporters researched and wrote the story.

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A watchdog’s guide to investigative reporting

This manual is a simple introduction to principles and practice in investigative reporting, emphasizes the reporting in Africa.

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Investigative Online Search

This guide is published by the UK-based Centre for Investigative Journalism. It discusses how to find information online and verify its veracity.

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