January 27, 2017

Media4Change Newsletter #1

We have just delivered our first Media4Change Newsletter. If you want to keep updated with new initiatives, exciting developments and interesting journalistic pieces at Media4Change, subscribe at the bottom of this post.

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January 19, 2017

Kholoud Helmi, activist who challenges Syrian regime with journalism

‘Four years ago we started our bid for freedom. Now, all are dead or in prison’, Kholoud Helmi said. She is a journalist and Human Rights Activist who participated in the Syrian Revolution from the beginning, in 2011. She found the best way to face oppression was by creating an underground newspaper, Enab Baladi, which is still being printed and distributed in Syria today.

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Nils Hanson
December 9, 2016

Nils Hanson, more than 20 years at the forefront of reflexive journalism

Nils, the investigative journalist, believes that good journalism involves analyzing and reporting on every aspect of the story and asking all the questions needed. Even when those questions may seem difficult, or situations too sensitive. ‘When you are not asking critical and tough questions, this is not showing respect to people, but pity’, he says.

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Div-A mentors and participants
November 28, 2016

Media4Change team has been invited to participate in the European ‘Diversity Accelerator’ mentoring program

The Media4Change team has been long working towards establishing the Investigative Journalism Center for Eastern and Central Europe focusing on topics of human rights violations and it seems that the goal has just came closer to the reality. The project has been selected as one of 10 best European media startup initiatives to participate in the mentorship program ‘Diversity Accelerator (Div-A)’ which is run by media experts and funded by the European Council.

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November 18, 2016

#RefugeesLT: Journalism for Social Change

So far, Lithuania has become a shelter country for very few refugees fleeing the war-torn Syria. Moreover, many of those who come are trying to escape soon after. But Redwan Eid, a Syrian journalist who had no other choice but to leave his homeland, has decided to stay in Lithuania. He launched the crowdfunding campaign inviting everyone to support journalism which helps to facilitate the integration of refugees to Lithuanian society.

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September 12, 2016

Turkey: The Prison of Journalists

“I am a young journalist from Turkey. I have worked for news agencies and newspapers before and I am very passionate about my job and also about human rights.” 

That is how I described myself in job applications. Let’s check it again, honestly.

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April 16, 2016

LGBT in Lithuania: Voices of Invisible Humans

Intolerance, harassment and bullying. Urtė is only 17, but she has to carry on the weight of discrimination at school on her shoulders. Matas would have liked to get more support in his family. Božena thinks that villages are in a worse shape than cities. Because Urtė, Matas and Božena are LGBT, they will experience far more difficulties in their daily lives. This investigation gives an insight in the lives of LGBT-people in Lithuania.

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March 31, 2016

How the lack of sexual education is at the core of anti-LGBT behavior in Lithuania

It is around eight o’clock when a group of women gathers to play their weekly basketball game. This is not so strange in a country where it is more likely to be able to score a three-pointer than to ride a bicycle. Yet, 50% of all Lithuanians think that these women should not necessarily have the same rights as other citizens.

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January 11, 2016

Unethical Reporting on Migrants and Refugees in Europe

The Media Diversity Institute shows in this article the unethical attitudes of the European media when they report about migrants and refugees’s issues. In the cases here analysed media strongly contribute to spread the hate speech.

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January 8, 2016

Research Desk: Weather Disasters, Population, ICT

The Global Investigative Journalism Network has published a final Research Desk for 2015, with tips on “pinging” websites and new reports on world population, weather disasters, the information society, and more.

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